From overseas medical missions to empowering holistic community transformations, MACA champions local solutions and sustainable change in diverse settings.

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Our story began with medical doctors working overseas and struggling with the reality of diseases that can be easily prevented in the home.

But we are no longer confined to medical services or assistance! When these doctors went from the clinic into the communities where people came from, they learned to facilitate conversations, letting people define their priorities and work on locally found solutions; they found out that micro-enterprises, agricultural innovations, good nutrition, hygiene and sanitation practices, emotional and spiritual care, were sustainable ways of eliminating poverty. 

When the strategy of Community Health Evangelism (CHE), was applied in urban neighbourhoods, adapting these proven tools to different situations, we found out that transformation was also possible in that context. When we adapted it to indigenous groups and other oral learners, they also were eager to choose development instead of relief or short-term interventions. 

We are a Christian Canadian charity serving communities to be transformed from within.